The House

DSC_0166The house itself is huge — it’s larger than my home on Long Island! It looks like a tiny mansion compared to all the little huts in the village. Although we had this very nice house to live in while we were in Worawora, it was not 100% finished.

The house had three floors and four balconies. Each bedroom had its own bathroom. There was a large living room on the second floor with a bat living in the ceiling. It eventually got zapped by one of the lights during a storm and died. Naturally we were ecstatic when it died. We ate our dinner at a long table in the main roomDSC_0962 near the entrance of the house. The kitchen was very tiny with a mini stove and oven. There was a little guest house in the backyard where the staff slept. A large fence surrounded the entire property.

Except for Paul, the chaperone, and Clive, the only boy on our team, we all shared rooms. Each room had a full sized bed, an oversized fan, and a bathroom. The bed had only a bottom sheet and two pillows. My roommate, Alana and I slept on top of the sheet. Whenever we were cold we used our towels as blankets. Fortunately the fan fought off the mosquitoes, so we did not get bit.

IMG_2193 The biggest challenge was the lack of running water. The bathroom had all of the typical fixtures but we could not turn on the faucets or flush the toilet. Each room had two buckets — one giant and one small. We used the little bucket to get water from the big bucket to pour into the toilet tank whenever we needed to flush. I cut my water bottle in half to use as a sort of cup to pour water over me when “showering.”

The staff —  Our chef, Teresa aka “Ma Tess” for Mother Teresa was absolutely amazing. She had an assistant, Joyce, who washed the dishes and helped prepare meals. To confuse everyone: Derrick, the coordinator of PACE-Ghana is Kofi, the founder’s nephew (even though they are close in age). Joyce is Kofi’s brother’s wife. The other staff member, Emmanuel is Derrick’s cousin. Emmanuel helped around the house and made sure we were all comfortable. I have never received such warmth and welcoming from anyone like this staff.

The power went out constantly whenever there was a thunderstorm. There was only one night that power never came back on and we had to sleep without a fan. For the most part, I was fine “living simply.”DSC_0464_2


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