Wli Agumatsa Waterfall

Trail Like anywhere else in the world, we did not work on Saturday or Sunday. To our surprise Ma Tess changed it up for breakfast — we had banana fritter crepes! They were delish!

At 9am we set off for the Wli Agumatsa Waterfall. We drove for about an hour and a half along the roughest terrain. Throughout the car ride, I thought I was going to vom, but also was starving… it was an odd combination. Once at the park, we walked about 45 minutes to the waterfall itself. On our nature walk, we passed pineapples and mango trees. Through the trees we could see the huge beautiful green mountain peeking through the canopy. The only waterfalls I’ve seen are in upstate New York, so Wli Agumatsa was unlike Mountain Topanything I’ve ever seen! The falls are Ghana’s highest — 800 meters tall. Against the fall’s walls were thousands of yellow colored bats. Some were flying around, but for the most part they were snoozing.

We were quite a spectacle at the falls — the only obrunis in the water, and the only people wearing bathing suits! Everyone wanted to take pictures with us or take us under the waterfall. Waterfall!It was a bit overwhelming and I decided not to actually swim in the pool. After a little while, we had a picnic of rice and chicken. Derrick laid out huge banana tree leaves on the ground in place of a picnic blanket. And we feasted! On the way back, I took some motion sickness pills so I didn’t yak all over the place… (they worked!)

In the evening, Derrick, Emmanuel and Chief took the TV from our house to his family’s home to watch a UEFA Championship between Bayern Munchen and Banana LeafDortmund (two German teams). We watched the championship outside while it drizzled. A woman sat next to the TV nursing her child, as my team and some of the community watched the game. I was in such disbelief of the scene, I kept saying “We are in Africa, watching a football match on TV, outside in the rain!”



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