A Sad Day.

DSC_0445_2We woke up bright and early at 6:45am, ate breakfast and were out the door by 7:45am. We mixed more mortar for the smooth layering on the floor and completed it! We moved bricks once again across the huge field so the masons would have them at the ready after we left. Before we left we etched “GO! Ghana 2013” on the floor near the doorway.

It was sad to say goodbye. All the children kept asking us for various things — “Give me your backpack, your shoes, your shirt…” They even asked me for my hair clip, and they don’t even have hair! It was a little uncomfortable having them ask us for things. I really enjoyed working alongside the locals and also having some down tie with the children. The Head Master of the school gave us her thanks and blessings. I started to tear up. We all felt honored to be part of such an amazing project.DSC_0451_2

Before I left, I gave one of the masons my sneakers. He was the oldest one on the team — a very skinny man, who looked like he was always about to keel over, and yet he was as strong as an ox. I walked back to the house in my sneakers and then gave them to a little girl who was to bring some other things back to the site. I stuffed a pair of clean socks and sent them over to Mike the mason.

As we started walking home it started to rain. We ate lunch, showered, and shoved off to Accra. It was as if all of Worawora was crying. Chief had his Celion Dion CD on in the car, so that certainly did not help with our heavy hearts. Our drive to Accra was in a continuous thunderstorm. For the entire 5 hours it was raining. Towards the end of our drive, we added an additional 1.5 hours as we were stuck in stand still traffic. We stayed at another Mascot Hotel. It was a shock to have running DSC_0468_2water! What a treat! At that point anything seemed fancy after living simply.

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