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High School Students For the first part of the day we could not be of great assistance at the site, the masons and carpenters were doing more technical tasks. We went to the high school and proctored the school-wide history examination. We were supposed to ensure there was no cheating. I felt we were more of a distraction walking around, but everyone finished on time.

After the exam, the students broke for breakfast at 9am. While they ate, we met with the Head Master, Joseph. He reminded me of Rafiki from the Lion King — very wise, a bit loony, and kind. He told us all about the education system of Ghana. He also shared with us his long educational past and how he became the Head Master. He has been the HM at the high school in Worawora since 2009. I was very interested in what he was saying, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. I later Counting Ballotsfound that almost everyone was struggling to stay awake, and most people were watching me nod out and then turn my head, smile and nod at the HM.

When the students returned from their breakfast, we helped distribute the ballots for student council. It was a very serious task; all the ballots had the stamp of the school on them. We were given strict instructions only to collect one ballot from each student. There must have been severe cheating in the previous elections. We then collected all the ballots and tallied them. Although it seems a trivial task, I felt honored to be part of something so important to the students.

DSC_0201_2 After a lunch of Ma Tess’ version of chicken nuggets, we went straight to work. We continued making foundation for the floor — and we finished! All we had to do next was to smooth a layer of mortar on top.

As per usual we read to the children at the library. While we were reading we could see lightning in the sky, but no rain as of yet. Finally towards the end of the session, one of the children said, “the rain is coming.” It sure did come. First we could hear the rainfall on the tin roof. The second the rain hit us, there was a village wide black out. There was complete chaos. I could not see my hand in front of my face, it was that dark out. I latched on to my team members and we were led by the children to the library. Once in the library, we could hear screeching tires as Chief, our driver was Reading to the Childrenturning the car around to drive us home in the rain.

The power did not come back on until 5am the next morning. Oy.


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