A Real Surprise

DSC_0770_2On this day of the Lord, we went to Derrick’s home church, Harvest Chapel International. The church is a Charismatic Christian church, which emphasizes the Holy Spirit. There was a lot of singing, dancing, yelling, and clapping. It was interesting to compare Harvest Chapel to the Presbyterian church of Worawora. Harvest Chapel clearly was wealthier than the Worawora church. There were 2 projector screens displaying the lyrics to all of the songs. The overzealous energy of the worshipers was a bit intimidating.

After mass we went to the market. Nobody was prepared for the craziness we encountered. The second we pulled into the market, men surrounded the car waiting for us to get out. Each man wanted us to see their shop. “Free looking” they kept repeating. One of them heard me say, I wanted a backpack, waited until I was finished looking around and said to me, “Come to my shop. I have the backpacks. You’re friends are there.” When I got to his shop, there was just another obruni. I laughed. Just because there was another white guy in the market, everyone assumed we knew each other. I ended up not buying anything that day because I was too overwhelmed.

DSC_0786_2 We stayed at the market for an hour or so and then went to have lunch with  Derrick’s uncles (the ones we met in Worawora). Uncle John’s neighborhood reminded me of a residential area in Florida. When we pulled up to Uncle John’s home, there were two big tents in the courtyard, speakers, a dj, and a bunch of seats. We realized that they were throwing a party for us to show their thanks! John got on the microphone and greeted everyone. In typical fashion before any Ghanian family gathering, they say a prayer and sing the National Anthem. We then were invited to sing the United States National Anthem. After our singing, John got on the microphone again and said, “BRING OUT THE PIZZAS!” We all had a slice! It was delicious, much better than the pizza at Flames.

After our appetizers, the uncles awarded us with certificates of appreciation and a kente banner. Kente is a ceremonial cloth of the Ashanti region made out of silk DSC_0806_2and cotton fabric. Ma Tess then arrived with the food! I was so happy to see her I wanted to cry. She looked so beautiful that day. She made lasagna and chicken and rice (of course). After everyone had their food it started to downpour. We all huddled under the tents and ate our lunch. After everyone was finished a choir got up and sang for us. We all danced in a circle while they sang. Everyone was videotaping us and taking pictures! The circle then broke and we danced outside as it drizzled. Chief taught us the Azonto, a Ghanian dance and music genre. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTUIlOudlHI

We gave our deepest thanks to Derrick’s uncles and told them none of us were expecting any of this. I thought we were just going to have a casual lunch!DSC_0848_2


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