Canopy Walk

DSC_0669 Saturday we visited Kakum National Park. We hiked uphill for about an half hour (really worked our buns and legs) to reach the world renowned canopy walk. As we were hiking, thunder was getting louder and louder. It continued as we walked along the canopy. It was somewhat romantic to be in an African rainforest, waiting for the rain to pour down! (Luckily it did not hit us while we were at the park!)

There were several options in case one got scared, but our entire team braved the 1,150 foot long walkway! The canopy walk is 40 meters from the rainforest floor and connects to 7 tree tops. I thought I was going to be more frightened to walk across, but I was fearless. Before I knew it, I was already at the end of the walkway. I wanted to walk back the other way! I was sad we did not see any animals, that would have made the experience even more perfect.

We ate lunch back at the botel (I had rice, beans, and chicken). We drove back to Accra through a lot of rain. It was not raining in Accra, until we left to go to the DSC_0719_2restaurant. Mother Nature decided to start a huge thunderstorm. Nevertheless, we hopped in the van and drove to the restaurant, Flames. If it was not raining we would have sat outside. We all had pizza, which was not anywhere near as tasty as NY pizza — still, it was nice to eat something other than chicken and rice.

When we went back to the hotel, we were finally able to reflect on our past two days of traveling. Although being in Accra was a nice transition before we went home, I truly missed Worawora.


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