Cape Coast Castle

DSC_0498_2On Friday, we awoke in Accra at the Mascot Hotel. We drove about an hour and a half to Cape Coast to visit the castle. Cape Coast Castle is one of Ghana’s many slave castles. Originally built by Swedes for timber and gold trade, the castle was used in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Control of Cape Coast passed on from the Swedish, to the Dutch, and then finally to the British. It is a beautiful building with such a horrible history. A tour guide took us around the castle and gave us the history as we entered the male and female dungeons. Similar to Aboatase, Cape Coast is a port city. We took a peek at the DSC_0523_2fishermen behind the castle walls on the shoreline.

After the tour we drove to a neighboring village, Elmina. Much to our surprise, we ate lunch at a very fancy beach resort, Coconut Grove. We ate like kings! I had a delicious meal of prawn and fried rice. I still missed Ma Tess’ cooking though. After lunch some of us swam in the ocean. It was so lovely! After our week of working, it was nice to relax a little on the beach.

DSC_0601_2 We later paid a visit to the Jesuit community of Cape Coast. We met Father Raymond and Father Don. Father Raymond is a Ghanian, who works at Cape Coast University and is also the Superior (even though he is much younger than Father Don). Father Don grew up in the Bronx and became a Jesuit in the 1950s. He has been in Ghana since 1992 and teaches at the Seminary. It is just the two of them living in their house! I asked if they play games together, and they both laughed. I bet they get hammered onDSC_0655_2 occasion. Father Raymond said he has a lot to learn from Father Don, so when the two are together after their busy days, they have long chats.

After leaving the Jesuits we drove to our hotel — Hans Cottage Botel. Why it is called a Botel I will never understand. It is built on a swamp, but I didn’t see any boats… quite a bizarre place.


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