Our Last Full Day of Work

Worship Wednesdays  When we arrived at the school the children were singing, dancing and clapping to the beating of drums. I asked one of the teachers what the hoopla was all about; she told me that every Wednesday the children worship. It was very adorable and touching to see the children so excited to worship. They then came out of the classroom to sing the Ghanian national anthem (and of course hugged us afterwards).

Once the masons arrived at the site, we started bringing the mortar over to finish the floor. We then brought mortar over to put in the lintel (support above the windows and door frame). During a break I was sitting with one of the students in my lap while watched the other students run around the field. For some reason I felt very peaceful. At that moment I remember Doorway to the Schoolthinking how much I did not want to leave Worawora, let alone Ghana. I became very attached to Worawora and the community. It was pure joy working with everyone. The term “obruni” became a term of endearment for the team.

Derrick told us the project is 95% completed. The masons and carpenters just have to finish a little bit of the floor, repair a hole in the roof and place bricks on the front wall. We decided to work a half day on Thursday before we left for Accra.

The Crew